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IEEE 1471-2000 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Architectural Description for Software-Intensive Systems with Enterprise Architect 49 Euro + VAT

In this webinar you will see some best-practices for defining a collaboration model with viewpoints, abstraction and a workflow for developing a software intensive system with Enterprise Architect.


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Cyber Security Modeling for the Automotive Industry with Enterprise Architect 49 Euro + VAT

Analysis is an integral part of system development. Mostly, it still relies on subjective expert judgment today. Sparx Services CE's threat modelling tool allows to automate this analysis by formalizing threat information. Its analysis results are re-usable and all mitigations and design decisions are traceable through the development process. By identifying threats early, Sparx Services CE's threat modelling tool helps saving cost and due to the updatable threat information the analysis stays up-to date automatically. This solution is developed in collaboration with the European Eureka Cluster ITEA3 (Project COMPACT) and Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) 


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Telcos, TM Forum Frameworx by Transware, and Cyber Security Modeling with Enterprise Architect – FREE
With growing cyber threats telecom and digital operators need to become even more aware of security.
TM Forum’s Frameworx is not only well-known to the telcos, it is the standard in terms of business process, application, and information management best practices. A number of eTOM processes deal with threats and security issues and relate to TAM applications.
Sparx Services Central Europe have developed an Enterprise Architect Threat Modeling add-in, identifying threats that can harm components or assets and ensuring that adequate controls to mitigate these threats are covered by the security requirements for specific industries and critical infrastructure.
TransWare AG is a TM Forum partner and member and provides Frameworx eTOM and TAM as ready-to-use Enterprise Architect content and modeling add-in.
This webinar introduces Frameworx, considers a threat-related eTOM process, takes a network/dataflow to demonstrate how rules can identify threats and how to efficiently mitigate

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